Pre-launch Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery documents some of the phases Aqua and its instruments went through during manufacturing.

  • AIRS - Assembling the Atmospherice Infrared Sounder
  • AMSR - Assembling the Advanced Microwave Radiometer unit
  • Aqua Launch Pictures - Photographs from the Aqua satellite launch
  • CERES - Assembling the Cloud's and Earth's Radiant Energy System unit
  • HSB - Assembling the Humididy Sounder for Brazil
  • Integration & Testing - making sure all the pieces fit
  • MODIS - Assembling the Moderate Resolution Spectroradiometer unit
  • Shipping & Preparation - Getting Aqua wrapped up and shipped out
  • Solar Array - Getting Aqua powered up
  • Spacecraft - Putting the main unit together