Linette Boisvert - Aqua Deputy Project Scientist


Dr. Linette Boisvert is the Assistant Lab Chief for the Cryospheric Science Lab (615) at NASA GSFC. She has been at GSFC since 2009, initially as a graduate student in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOSC) department at the University of Maryland (UMD). She received her PhD in 2013 and remained in the lab as a post-doc through ESSIC/UMD, then becoming a assistant research scientist at ESSIC/UMD in 2016, and finally became a civil servant in 2018. Linette research background is in Arctic sea ice and sea ice-atmospheric interactions, specifically the exchanges of heat and moisture from the sea ice and ocean surfaces, and how Arctic cyclones affect the sea ice. Previously, she was the deputy project scientist for NASA's Operation Icebridge airborne mission, where she helped plan and manage 3 campaigns in Thule Greenland, Punta Arenas Chile, and Hobart Austrailia. Throughout her career, she has used Aqua AIRS data in the majority of her publications and presents at many of the AIRS science team meetings. Linette also enjoys fostering the next generation of scientists and is advising three graduate students from UMD and one post-doc. When not working, Linette enjoys running, hanging out with friends and family, and paddle boarding with her miniature dachshund, Remi.